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Solar Gate Opener

Solar Gate Opener - Solar Gates is your only choice for solar gate openers.

Our automatic solar gate openers are for single and double gates. They offer security, assurance as well as protection for your family, business and pets.

The advantage of the solar gate opener is that if 240v mains is not readily accessible or costly to install the solar panel has the ability to give the opener the power to open and close the gates for up to 14 days regardless of the fact that there is no sun available.

There are heaps of accessories with additional remotes, unique and special 4 channel remotes that links into your garage opener, wireless keypads with over 900 source codes, push buttons, and many more…

Many features of solargate are customizable to ensure that the customer has the functionality of the solar gate to suit each specific situation.

Our solargate opener also offers safety for the property owner with accessories like gatelock or any of our access controls.. thegateopener offers the single gate opener kit with all the hardware for $650 and for double gate $800 postage is available for national delivery for $50 and we have installation services in most regions. If you choose to install the DIY gate opener our service technicians are available for any installation assistance required.

Electric gate opener available with us requires a registered electrician to install the opener and comes with 2 remote controls and all the hardware to fit the unit..

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