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Choosing the Right Automatic Gate Opener Access Options

One of the great advantages of using automatic gate openers is the variety of options for operating them. The different types of gate controls available for Solar Gate Openers are suited to a variety of individual situations and a range of security requirements. Whether just for increasing the privacy of a home or for maintaining the security of a commercial property, it is important to choose the correct operating options for an automatic gate.

1. Push Button Operation
The simplest and least expensive way to operate an automatic gate is to use a plain push button unit. This type of unit is most practical inside the property to make it easy for people to leave without the need for a remote control to operate the gate. When combined with an automatic closing function, push button access is a convenient way to operate internal gates on a property and in pool fences.

2. Basic Remote Control Openers

Remote control gate openers are an easy way to control automatic gates for domestic users or in situations where security concerns are minimal. The battery powered, handheld remote control units are relatively inexpensive, making it practical to have as many remote controls as necessary for everyone in a household to have easy access to the property. At the same time the variation in bandwidth available for remote operation ensures that only those with a control for a specific gate will be able to open it.

3. Wireless Keypad Entry
The advantage of using a wireless keypad to open a gate is that they permit entry to a property without the need to purchase extra remote control units for them. The digital technology in the battery powered units are programmable with over 1000 security codes that can be made available to anyone that is permitted access to the property. The wireless connectivity provides the convenience of allowing the unit to be placed wherever it is most convenient for opening the gate.

4. Bluetooth and SMS Accessibility
Bluetooth and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) remote operation take advantage of the technology that is available in mobile technology to eliminate the need to carry a dedicated remote control unit. The Bluetooth receiver allows the gate to be opened remotely from the users’ iPhone while the GSM receiver is activated by an SMS message.

5. RFID Card Entry
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a practical method for maintaining the security of commercial properties, or in situations where numerous people need to have access to a gate like apartment complexes or club premises. Issuing RFID cards to people with authorised entry to a property is easy and cost effective and avoids the need for users to remember codes in order to access the gate.

6. Fingerprint Recognition
The most convenient gate opener is the fingerprint recognition system. Users have their fingerprint, usually a thumb, scanned into the reader and only matches to that database are given access to the gate. This system avoids the need to issue cards or to purchase extra remote control units while maintaining a high level of security for a property.

In most situations it will be most practical to use a combination of gate openers to provide the best possible security without sacrificing any of the convenience of using an automatic gate opener. The sales team at Solar Gate Openers has the experience to advise you on the right automatic gate openers for your individual situation

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