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Advantages of Installing an Automatic Gate

Fences are an effective way to mark the boundary of a property but without a secure gate they provide little more than an aesthetic improvement to the appearance. At the same time, having to continually open and close gates to access the property can be inconvenient. While automatic gate openers were once an expensive luxury, they have rapidly become an affordable option when securing a property. There are several advantages to installing an automatic gate that make the small added expense well worth considering.

1. Increased Security
The most obvious reason to install an automatic gate is the added security that it provides for a property. Automatic gates that can only be accessed using remote control or keypad entry systems allow easy control over who does, and does not gain entry. Apart from keeping unwanted visitors from getting to the door, secure electronically operated gates also help to safeguard valuable possessions and outbuildings.

2. Added Convenience
The greatest advantage of an automatic gate is the convenience that it provides for accessing the property. Being able to operate the gate from inside a vehicle or to remotely unlock it from inside a home or office eliminates the need to go to the gate to manually unlock it every time that it is used. Features like automatic closing functions add to the overall security of the gate while increasing peace of mind with the knowledge that the gate in the knowledge that the automatic gate will always secure itself without the need to remember to lock it every time. Access options like Bluetooth or SMS operation make access as handy as having a mobile phone and ensure that the gate is open when you drive up to the property.

3. Improves Safety for Children and Pets
Automatic gates are also an efficient way to keep children and pets safely within the boundaries of a property. The electronic access ensures that kids cannot easily open the automatic gates while at the same time keeping people out of the property and away from playing children. The security provided by automatic gates also ensures that visitors will not accidentally leave the gate unlatched and allow pets to wander into the street.

4. Improves Your Property Value
An attractive fence adds to the curb appeal of a property and adding an automatic gate increases the value of the property. The added security of having automatic electric gates can also be helpful for keeping the cost of insurance premiums down. The added privacy, security and convenience of an automatic gate makes a property very attractive to security conscious buyers  and can add thousands of dollars to the resale value of a property.

5. Privacy
The control over property access that an automatic gate provides ensures the highest level of privacy possible. Including features like intercom systems make it easy to keep unwanted visitors off of the property completely.

Automatic gate openers are a very affordable fencing accessory and the range of options available like remote access, electronic locks and security rails make them a valuable part of the security of any property. The packages available from Solar Gate Openers provide a choice of either 240V electrical or solar powered operation. Installation is easy and automatic gate opener packages come with everything needed to Do-It-Yourself . There are automatic gate openers for both swing and sliding gates, ensuring that Solar Gate Openers has a solution that is perfectly suited to your individual property’s requirements.

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