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Solar vs. Electric Gate Openers

Using solar powered devices around the home is an effective way to keep power bills to their minimum. One of the most practical uses of solar energy is for powering an automatic gate opener but it may not be the best solution for every situation. While both electric and solar powered automatic gate openers operate in the same way, there are several factors to consider when deciding if the solar powered unit is the right option.

Solar gate openers make it possible to install an automatic gate in just about any situation where there is sufficient exposure to sunlight to operate the system. Their independence of the power grid makes it easy to install a solar gate opener wherever necessary. At the same time, the reliability of electric gate openers makes them the most practical option for high traffic areas.

Gate Position
Solar powered gate openers operate best when there is full access to sunlight to charge the batteries. Gates in shady positions or between buildings may not have sufficient exposure to for the solar gate opener to operate at its optimum. The best position for a solar gate opener provides access to full sunlight for the maximum number of hours every day, like at the end of paths and driveways.

Access to Electricity

Electric gate openers need to be connected to 240V mains power for their operation, limiting the number of situations that are suitable for their installation to be cost effective. Although solar gate openers are marginally more expensive than the 240V alternative, the cost of connecting electricity to a remote gate on a property can be many times more. Solar gate openers often make it possible to have an automatic gate on a property where an electric gate opener would never be a viable option.

Gate Usage Volume
Because solar powered gates use energy stored in batteries, gates with a lot of traffic that need to be opened and closed very regularly may be better to use a 240V electric gate opener. Electric gate openers have the option of battery backup in the event of a power failure, ensuring their reliable operation in all conditions.

Operating Costs
Electricity costs have soared in recent years making solar an ever more attractive option for many of the standard household fixtures. While the cost of operating an electric gate opener isn’t going to add very much to the power bills, the savings that accumulate from installing a solar gate opener eventually pay for the original cost of the unit. On top of the potential savings on installing underground wiring to connect an electric gate opener to the power, this makes a solar gate opener the most practical and efficient choice for many domestic gates.

Solar gate openers add to the security of a property and provide the convenience of easy remote operation without adding to the power consumption. Because there is no need to connect to the 240V mains power, solar gate openers are very easy to install yourself and will provide years of reliable operation that is suited perfectly to the average household or small commercial property. The staff at Solar Gate Openers can help you to make an informed decision about how suitable a solar gate opener is for your individual property.

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