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Swing Gates Openers

The swing gate openers are available with a range of options to suit any situation. The versatile design allows for either inward or outward swinging gates, making them adaptable of the specific requirements of different gates and the requirements of individual properties. Our automatic gate opener is available in both 240V electric and solar powered models suited to situations where mains power is inaccessible.

The swing gate opener is engineered for gates weighing up to 260kg and 4m long and is available for both single and double leaf gates. A wide range of accessories including waterproof push button entry, security rails and wireless keypads are available to optimize the practicality of the Gate Opener for the requirements of your site.

Double Gate Opener

Swing Gate Opener Features:

  • Automates the operation of swing gates for convenient operation.
  • Smooth and quiet direct electric drive.
  • Adjustable rebound on contact with an obstacle.
  • Durable construction.
  • Automatic close function.
  • Keypad, push button and card reader operation with over 3.5 billion security codes.

Swing Gate Opener Specifications:

  • 240V transformer with 14V DC output for electric models.
  • 12V DC electric motor
  • No Load speed of 24 second to open 90deg
  • 330.92 MHz radio frequency
  • Radio range up to 30m in open areas
  • 64 bit rolling security code
  • Max gate width 4.0 metres each leaf on double opener.

Affordable Swing Gate Opener Prices:

  • Single 240V               $700
  • Single Solar               $750
  • Double 240V             $900
  • Double Solar             $990 with 4m each leaf 
  • Double Solar             $925 with each leaf 2.5m

Prices  for delivery are around $40 delivery in Australia and packages include all of the components necessary for Do-It-Yourself installation

0412 982 312 John